Building Materials

Building Materials






Gerhold Concrete produces and inventories a variety of residential, commercial, and agricultural precast products.

Masonry Accessories

These products work behind the scenes to add value to your project.

  • Dur-O-Wal: Masonry reinforcement products.

  • Hohmann & Barnard: Anchors, control joints, truss/ladder masonry reinforcement, wall ties, expansion joints and flashing.

  • Mortar Net: is the leading mortar dropping collection product providing the solution for clogged weep holes in masonry cavity construction.

  • Gerhold Concrete also carries a variety of items including: flashing, anchor bolts, rebar holders chairs/stakes, wire ties, extruded dense foam board insulation, brick ties, foundation vents, and control joints

Fireplace Supplies

We offer specialty items for your fireplace/ wood stove needs.

  • Fire Brick
  • Refractory Mortar

Gerhold Concrete carries a wide variety of products from supplies for decorative concrete, cleaners, caulks, tools, fireplace maintenance, and rigid insulation to precast items and bagged goods Gerhold Concrete is your one stop shopping spot.


These products are used as a final barrier to protect your project form the elements.

  • Ash Grove offers a variety of cure and seal products as well as the Kolor-Classic sealer.

  • Gerhold Concrete Company is a BASF distributor and offers a variety of liquid surface treatments as well as Kure-N-Seal products. Select Cures and Surface Treatments on the BASF web page to see the complete line of products. BASF also offers a variety of caulking products as well as SL1 and NP1 that can be seen by selecting Joint Sealants from their web page. Just click on the link provided above or stop by one of our friendly Gerhold Concrete locations for details.

    SL1 Caulk | NP1 Caulk

  • L&M Chemical offers curing and sealing compounds, curing compounds, hardeners, toppings, repellants, sealers, and surface preparation products that can be purchased locally through your Gerhold Concrete Store.

  • Prosoco offers cleaners and repellents for new construction, property maintenance as well as restoration and conservation products that can be purchased locally through you Gerhold Concrete Store.


We offer insulation for your concrete and masonry projects.




Gerhold Concrete Company offers a wide variety of concrete and masonry tools for the professional as well as the do it yourselfer.

  • Quality hand "Krafted" tools for the construction trades.

  • Gerhold Concrete also carries: Wheel Barrows, a variety of concrete and masonry cutting blades,Bon Tools, Marshalltown tools, Crick Levels and Port Austin levels.

Concrete Accessories

These products work behind the scene but add value to your projects. Click here to visit our Decorative Concrete page.

Gerhold Concrete also carries a variety of items including:

  • form oil
  • keyway
  • rebar/wire mesh
  • plastiform ties/ brackets
  • sonotube
  • rebar cap protectors
  • wire ties
  • construction grouts (PDF)
  • poly
  • extruded dense foam board insulation
  • primers
  • expansion joint filler

Package Products/Bagged Goods

We carry a complete line of bagged goods for almost every construction application.

Building Systems

Gerhold concrete is a distributor for BASF and their wide array of construction products.

For every building challenge there’s a Building Systems solution…everything you need to build, repair, and protect your project can be found at Gerhold Concrete Company. Building Systems is the premier provider of solutions to the building and construction industry. Their essential and flexible product offering is the key to a successful position as a single-source provider.