Many shapes and sizes of concrete block are available to meet your building requirements.

Moisture Control

For cost effective solutions to water penetration we offer products from these fine suppliers.


Glazed Tile/Brick

Glazed units provide an impervious glazed surface finish that resists staining and chipping.


Form Block

Form Block is an effective alternative to cast-in-place concrete.



For beautiful, low maintenance buildings consider integral colored concrete masonry, which can be manufactured with a variety of textures. Architectural Concrete Masonry Units are preferred by designers and architects due to the inherent versatility and cost factors involved. A myriad of shapes, sizes and colors are available for most any design project.


Burnished, also called ground-faced block offer the look and feel of natural stone with the economy and durability of concrete block.


Sound Block

SOUNDBLOX are manufactured from special molds to provide the ability to absorb sound.


Glass Block

Glass block allows natural light to filter through while maintaining the privacy of block wall.

  • Pittsburgh Block